Each year millions of people venture into the great outdoors looking for a good time, exercise or to get back in touch with nature. And as, more and more people take to the outdoors they soon find them self’s hitting the trails to enjoy nature. They pack up a few bottles of water, snacks, a camera etc. and head out for the day.  And as they hit the trail, they soon realize just how tranquil it is out there. There isn’t any of the noise from the daily hustle and bustle in front of them.

You immediately realize that the hustle of everyday life has melted away and all that remains is just the quiet that surrounds you. Soon you begin to notice the sound of birds, rustling leaves and the movement of the trees in the wind. As you stand there, you fully grasp that the backwoods fills you with a calm; a calm that washes over you and fills you with a peaceful and relaxing feeling.

Hiking can provide you with some great benefits:

  • Happiness and health
  • Excellent exercise
  • Weight-loss while enjoying nature
  • A way to reduce stress
  • And more….

Now, if you are new to hiking you should take the time to learn some hiking do’s and don’ts. A great example of a hiking do (that you will read everywhere) is to never hike alone. Always go hiking with at least one partner, plus tell someone what trail you are hiking or leave a note in your car with this information etc.

What most people don’t realize is that they should put a little planning into every hike they take. Just grabbing a few bottles of water and heading out isn’t always the best plan. Even with a simple day hike, you need to think about eating, what shoes to wear, emergency supplies (yes, bad things sometimes happen), if your cell phone is fully charged, extra batteries if you are using a GPS for hiking and more.

Remember, thousands of people get lost each year so be prepared!

Have fun, enjoy the great outdoor and get back in touch with nature.